How many many Megapixels are your eyes?

Answer 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000…

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How many megapixels are our eyes?

Human eyes have two types of receptors called "rods" and "cones". You have 4.5 million cones and 90 million rods. Now rods work better in low lighting conditions (i.e. night vision) but do not pick... Read More »

How many megapixels would you think our eyes have?

Our eyes don't have the same resolution all over them, they get their maximum resolution only in a very small part of the eye. That's why we humans have to directly look at some text in order to be... Read More »

If our eyes were a camera, how many megapixels & our resolution be?

Keep wondering ... our eyes work totally differently than film or image sensors. The rods and cones collect the light and our brains interpret the image (automatically correcting for colour shifts... Read More »

How many megapixels?

if you you don't plan on making poster size prints, you should be good with no more that 6 megapixels. both my cameras are nikons, but it's what you look for in a camera that will sway your decision.