How many manhole covers are there in the USA?

Answer The United States has many millions of manhole covers. Some cities can have as many as tens of thousands of manhole covers that act as barriers between underground systems and the above ground vehi... Read More »

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How heavy are manhole covers?

Manhole covers usually weigh 250 to 300 lbs. and must have a minimum weight of 100 lbs., according to They need to be heavy because the weight is used to keep them in place as traffic t... Read More »

Boston Marathon explosion was caused by methane levels in the sewage manhole?

Would that also Include inside of the JFK Library ? Hmm I don't think so, at that Moment ? During a very Public Marathon event? and on April 15th ? Tax Due day ? and in Boston ? (Remeber Boston tea... Read More »

Power failures, chemical and oil plant 'accidents', and now a manhole in New York blows up. Are these accident?

No, it just means the good ole US of A is blowing a fuse.I would not worry about it, as infrostructure ages something is bound to go wrong, I'm lead to believe it was a steam pipe tha ruptured and ... Read More »

What type of manhole cover is provided in the water tank in your house,a cement slab or an iron cover?

Many Houses have concrete slabs for the overhead water tanks. at Indian especially chennai it is not posses any danger. only a tornado kind of wind can pull from through away. even heavy cyclones s... Read More »