How long does it take for your body to assimilate one cup of coffee with one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of cream?

Answer Answer Within seconds of your very first sip, you may feel the effects of coffee with dopamine racing to your brain. Theoretically, caffeine is already in your system before you finish your cup of... Read More »

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How many bay leaves in a teaspoon?

The dishwasher is more efficient, undoubtedly. Washing anything by hand, unless absolutely necessary, is a waste of time, water & energy. I recommend putting just about anything in the dishwasher: ... Read More »

How many calories are in1 teaspoon of ghee?

In one spoon of ghee there will be 45 calories

How many calories in 1 teaspoon of heavy cream?

Teaspoon of honey equals how many flowers?

Answers: It takes about 31,000 flowers to make one teaspoon of honey. (See related links.) A teaspoon of honey is not even half a flower if your aiming for two flowers you need at least 16 teaspoo... Read More »