How many lug nuts are on a standard car wheel?

Answer Most cars available in the U.S. have five lug nuts per tire. The exception to this would be Honda, which offers several models with only four lug nuts per tire. Larger cars and trucks may have six ... Read More »

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How to Cut Lug Nuts From the Wheel?

Lug nuts thread onto the wheel studs to hold the wheel to the vehicle. Over time, the threads inside the lug nuts, or the threads on the wheel studs, can wear out, making it relatively easy to acci... Read More »

How to Lubricate Wheel Nuts?

Wheel nuts, also called lug nuts, are the nuts that screw onto the bolts from your wheel hubs and hold on your tires. Modern cars mostly have locking wheel nuts that require a special tool along wi... Read More »

The Best Locking Wheel Nuts?

Locking wheel nuts are used to prevent theft of expensive wheels on cars. Sets usually include one nut per wheel that has a unique surface pattern, which requires a special tool tool fitted to that... Read More »

Types of Wheel Nuts?

Wheel nuts, or lug nuts, come in a variety of sizes and styles. The wheel nuts hold the tire in place, so the differences are mainly aesthetic. Lug nuts are not all the same size or style. Foreign ... Read More »