How many lottery picks are there in the NBA draft?

Answer The NBA lottery was introduced in 1985 with the 7 teams not making the playoffs having an equal chance of winning the first pick in the draft. There now are 14 teams in the lottery, and the NBA use... Read More »

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How many ping pong balls are there in the NBA draft?

The NBA draft lottery uses 14 ping pong balls, one for each non-playoff team. The balls are put into a drum and four are removed, creating a four-number combination. The team with the matching comb... Read More »

How many wild card picks on American idol?

America votes the top 10 in. The judges get to pick 2 wild cards completing the top 12.

I got message for winning lottery from UK international Lottery. Is it true?

Is there a yahoo/msn lottery inc and windows live?

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