How did most lost boys of sudan die?

Answer Escaping a war between the Sudan People's Liberation Army and the Sudanese government, the lost boys and girls, children between the ages of 7 and 17, trekked for weeks through Africa. Some survive... Read More »

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Is Corey Haim in the new"Lost Boys"?

Corey Haim does not appear in the 2010 sequel "The Lost Boys: The Thirst." The actor, who died in March 2010, became famous starring in the original "The Lost Boys," released in 1987. Haim reprised... Read More »

Is Corey Haim in"Lost Boys 2"?

Corey Haim is in "Lost Boys: The Tribe." Haim and Corey Feldman are the only members of the original movie, "The Lost Boys," who appear in the sequel. Haim plays the same character, Sam Emerson, ... Read More »

How long did it take the lost boys of Sudan to get to ethiopia?

According to UNICEF, walking from Sudan to Ethiopia was a trek that took Sudan's lost boys about six to ten weeks. Unfortunately, governmental changes in Ethiopia forced many of the boys to walk ba... Read More »

LOST BOYS 1987 OR INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE 1994. which film do u like or love the best?

SO, NOW YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE....NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE.YOU NEVER GROW OLD MICHAEL....AND YOU'LL NEVER DIE.BUT YOU MUST FEED. (wipes face and laughs psychoticaly)Lost boys is ace, the first sca... Read More »