How many humans have lived in history?

Answer The Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 107 billion humans had been born throughout history as of 2002. More than 6 billion people live on Earth according to 2010 estimates. This means... Read More »

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In how many homes/apartments have you lived in your lifetime?

My parents moved on my first birthday, so instead of a table, we ate cake on a cardboard box. We then sold this house when I was about nine years old and moved into a rental for a few months. All t... Read More »

I have lived with a mouse for about a month. I have tried many mouse traps can someone help?

Sometimes the traps are simply not sensitive enough and don't go off when the mouse steals the food. You need to adjust the trap so that the slightest touch will set it off. If that doesn't work,... Read More »

Who was the fattest man who ever lived?

Jon Brower Minnoch is recognized as the heaviest person in history. At the peak of his weight, Minnoch weighed approximately 1,400 pounds. He also holds another record as his weight loss of 924 pou... Read More »

Who lived in the Biltmore house?

George Vanderbilt lived in the Biltmore House, beginning in 1895. Three years later, the former Edith Styvesant, his new bride, moved into the residence. In 1900, their daughter and only child Corn... Read More »