Has anyone ever been hit by a train and lived?

Answer People do live. A few months ago, on Oprah they had 'Inspirational Special Guests'. One was a pretty girl who was in her late teens (I think). Anyway, a few years earlier, she was depressed and dec... Read More »

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Where has Oprah lived?

being a leader and helping people get through their everyday lives

For those who have lived in Maui HI?

I'm from Sacramento. Best decision ever to move to Maui. But I am 22 years old, so my experience is a little different. But the vibes, aloha, and genuineness of the people are so unlike the mainlan... Read More »

Have you ever lived in a Bungalow?

We do in a cul-de-sac, with tall trees and large green spaces! lovely!...

Is it bad that I've lived off only 7up for a year?

Well, any type of soda's not good for you, but I'm sure you've already heard this many times. It also depends on how much you've drank each day. One a day is not too bad, but if you've drank one tw... Read More »