How many liters are in a bottle of Jack Daniels?

Answer The amount of whiskey in a bottle of Jack Daniels depends on the size of the bottle. Commonly found Jack Daniels bottles contain 50 ml, 750 ml, 1 liter and 1.75 liters.References:BevMo: Jack Daniels

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Should I drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and hit the town?

Hello froggy, why not try a drop of the real stuff, proper whisky, not that flavoured stuff you yanks have created, and mind the ocean bed when you hit it

I'm on a strict diet. How many Weight Watchers points are there in a 1.75 L bottle of Jack Daniels?

I just shared your question with the cast of Young and the Restless as I am on set in hair and makeup today. They took you very seriously and I should say, the one person who had the answer is run... Read More »

How is gentleman jack different to jack daniels?

gentleman jack is smoother. I like it alot, not a big JD fan in general but gentleman jack is way smoother

How do I age Jack Daniels?

PositionStore the unopened Jack Daniels upright. Do not lay the bottle down as you would with wine. If the storage environment is appropriate and the bottle has been corked correctly, the cork will... Read More »