How many miles is it from the northern tip of Africa to the southern tip of Africa?

Answer The northernmost tip of Africa is commonly cited as Ras ben Sakka, Tunisia. The southernmost point of Africa is Cape Agulhas, Western Cape, South Africa. The route from Africa's northern tip to its... Read More »

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How many hours do lions sleep?

Lions sleep up to 20 hours a day to conserve strength for hunting. The animals are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night when it is cooler and sleep during the day to avoid the heat.Source:Ca... Read More »

How many lions are left in the wild?

According to the African Conservancy between 10,000 and 15,000 African lions remain in the African wild. There are also about 350 lions left in India, according to Lions are hunted ... Read More »

How many hungry lions would Oprah Winfreys body feed?

How many deserts are in Africa?

As of 2010, Africa has nine land masses classified as deserts--Sahara, Kalahari, Namib, Ogaden, Nubian, Chalbi, Danakil, Karoo, and Didi Galgalu). The largest desert, the Sahara, covers an area of ... Read More »