How many lines of symmetry does an oval shape have?

Answer A line of symmetry refers to a line that divides a shape into two mirror images. Ovals have two lines of symmetry, a vertical line and a horizontal line. Shapes that have lines of symmetry are refe... Read More »

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Does a Blue Crab's Body Shape Have Bilateral Symmetry?

Blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus, are an order of crustaceans found in the shallow waters of the coastal Atlantic Ocean in the Western hemisphere. Blue crabs are a popular seafood dish; hunting th... Read More »

Which type of symmetry does a blue crab's body shape reflect?

The body of the blue crab reflects bilateral symmetry. You can extend a single line from the head to the tail end, running through the middle of the body, and the two sides of the body will be a mi... Read More »

How to Find Lines of Symmetry for Kids?

Students can learn lessons about lines of symmetry by using their powers of observation. Because young people often enjoy exploring nature and their surroundings, you can use the objects both indoo... Read More »

How do I add an oval shape in Photoshop?

Open Photoshop and choose "File" and "New." from the Menu bar and sub-menu. The "New File" dialog box opens. Choose "800 x 600" from the "Preset" options and click "OK." The image file opens. Click... Read More »