How many lines of symmetry does an oval shape have?

Answer A line of symmetry refers to a line that divides a shape into two mirror images. Ovals have two lines of symmetry, a vertical line and a horizontal line. Shapes that have lines of symmetry are refe... Read More »

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How many locomotives would branch lines have?

A typical rural branch line of the "good old days" kind, beloved of railway modellers, (eg Princetown or Buckfastleigh) would run on the "one engine in steam" principle for most of its local passen... Read More »

Does a serif font have decorative lines?

Serif fonts have small lines at the ends of the main stroke of some characters. Examples include Times New Roman and Georgia. "Sans" by definition means “without”, therefore 'sans serif' fonts,... Read More »

Does the Sony 1292 projector have 1,100 TV lines?

The Sony 1292 projector does not have the capability to project a TV image with 1,100 lines of resolution. The projector's maximum resolution is 700 lines. The projector can also handle an RGB inpu... Read More »

Does direct tv have phone lines and internet?

No they do not! (I have DirecTV and do NOT have a phone line..) --------- If you are thinking about ordering and you tell them you were refereed by a friend (My Account # 036241458) when you sign... Read More »