How many limes grow on a lime tree?

Answer According to Purdue University, the yield of a seven-foot-tall Tahiti lime, or Persian lime tree (Citrus latifolia Tan) ranges from 63 lbs. to 90 lbs. of fruit. The yield varies depending on the ro... Read More »

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You have a young lime tree it's about 5' tall when it gets little limes on it they grow for a while then drop off why does this happen?

Possibly the cause is underwatering as this can cause fruit to drop prematurely. ANSWER: TRY THIS LATE AT NIGHT, OR THE NEIGHBORS WILL COMMIT YOU. It could be your plant is known as "potted plant ... Read More »

How to Encourage a Lime Tree to Grow in Height?

Lime trees, whether they are potted and indoors or planted outside, can grow up to 20 feet depending on the variety and the care they're given. Root-bound lime trees, in which the roots grow around... Read More »

Do limes&lemons come from the same tree?

Although lemons and limes are both citrus fruits, they come from different trees. Lemon trees first arrived in North America with European settlers who had been growing them for centuries. Lime t... Read More »

Where do limes grow?

Limes grow on trees in tropical areas around the world like the West Indies, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean and India. They grow best in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 to 11. This includes ... Read More »