How many lights do I need in my garage?

Answer On One Hand: Few Uses, One LightA garage is used by most people as nothing more than a place to park a car and as a place to store tools and other items you may not have room for in your home. If y... Read More »

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How many fluorescent lights should you use in a garage?

On One Hand: Work Space LightingFluorescent fixtures provide a cost effective, energy efficient lighting solution for a garage or work space. Depending on the size, use and average temperature for ... Read More »

How many lights do you need on a Christmas tree?

On One Hand: More Lights, More GlowWhile the number of lights needed on a Christmas tree depends on the type of lights you choose and the height of your tree, many decorators recommend using about ... Read More »

How many recessed lights do I need per room?

On One Hand: Consider the Room and Light SizeWhen deciding how many recessed lights to use in a room for general lighting, consider the size of the room and the diameter of the lights. In general, ... Read More »

How many amps do fluorescent lights need?

Because fluorescent lamps come in a wide range of sizes, each has different amp needs. By dividing the lamp's watt rating by 120, you can determine its amp rating. For example, 10 watts divided by ... Read More »