How many lights are on a 20-amp breaker?

Answer A household circuit can operate continuously at 80% of its rated power. For a 20 ampere circuit, that would be 80% of 2,400 watts, or 1,920 watts. Sum each light's wattage, staying below the 80% fi... Read More »

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Is it safe to turn the breaker on and use my microwave The breaker tripped after a light bulb broke.?

well now you're going to split a couple of protons and then create a black hole and then we're going to get sucked in, all cuz you couldn't eat your freaking food cold like the rest of us!!!THANKS ... Read More »

How many slots or breakers can be put in a breaker box?

There is no maximum allowed number of breakers or slots that can placed into breaker box other than what the given box itself can accommodate. Regardless of the number of slots or breakers in a bre... Read More »

How many outlets can be put on a single 15-amp circuit breaker?

According to the National Electrical Code, there is no set limit to the number of receptacles on a circuit. The issue is, instead, very matter-of-fact. While the number of receptacles on a 15-amp ... Read More »

How many circuits are on one ground fault circuit breaker?

There is one circuit on a ground fault circuit breaker; however, one circuit may include many receptacles (outlets), and they may be in more than one room. Any receptacles that are on the circuit w... Read More »