How many light fixture can be on 14-gauge wire?

Answer Fourteen-gauge wire is rated for 15 amps and 1,800 watts. Maximum continuous loads are calculated at 80 percent. Eighty percent of 1,800 is 1,440 watts. If you use 100-watt light bulbs, you should ... Read More »

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How many light fixtures can be on 14 gauge wire?

The answer depends on the wattage available and the ratings of the fixtures. Wattage is measured as amperage times voltage. Standard American voltage is 120 volts, and since 14-gauge wire can handl... Read More »

How to Wire in a Bathroom Light Fixture?

Wiring a bathroom light fixture is essentially the same process as wiring one in any other room, except for the issue of moisture. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture in the air, and wire connections ... Read More »

How to Wire an Exterior Light Fixture?

Exterior light fixtures not only add a new dimension to exterior home décor, but they also do the obvious: light up the exterior of your home. You can save money and time by wiring an exterior lig... Read More »

Can i wire an outlet in a light fixture circuit?

An outlet can be added to a lighting circuit provided doing so will not overload the circuit. Unless you want the outlet controlled by a light switch, the wiring will have to exclude the switch.Ref... Read More »