How many light fixture can be on 14-gauge wire?

Answer Fourteen-gauge wire is rated for 15 amps and 1,800 watts. Maximum continuous loads are calculated at 80 percent. Eighty percent of 1,800 is 1,440 watts. If you use 100-watt light bulbs, you should ... Read More »

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How to Wire an Exterior Light Fixture?

Exterior light fixtures not only add a new dimension to exterior home décor, but they also do the obvious: light up the exterior of your home. You can save money and time by wiring an exterior lig... Read More »

How to Wire in a Bathroom Light Fixture?

Wiring a bathroom light fixture is essentially the same process as wiring one in any other room, except for the issue of moisture. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture in the air, and wire connections ... Read More »

Can i wire an outlet in a light fixture circuit?

An outlet can be added to a lighting circuit provided doing so will not overload the circuit. Unless you want the outlet controlled by a light switch, the wiring will have to exclude the switch.Ref... Read More »

Intalling a light fixture - what do I do with the ground wire?

Clip the wire off. Some idiot is bound to tell you to hook it to the neutral. {white wire} But trust me on this, if you have high level electronics like a computer, DVD player, plasma TV etc. the f... Read More »