How many levels does Laser Defense have?

Answer The online game Laser defense consists of 50 levels. This is a tower-defense game wherein you will be upgrading your towers in order to keep them safe from seven different types of attackers.Source... Read More »

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How many employees does the Department of Defense have?

How many levels does an SD card have?

An SD card is divided into two levels, or classes. The first is the speed class, which is used for normal- and high-speed bus interfaces, such as traditional digital cameras, cell phones and camcor... Read More »

How many levels does the game Fashion Solitaire have?

Fashion Solitaire, made by Lifetime Entertainment, features 48 levels divided into eight stages. The object is to use playing cards to create complete outfits for your models and make your own fash... Read More »

How many wavelengths does a laser beam have?

Lasers operate at a single wavelength. This is due to the photons being emitted when electrons transition between two discrete energy levels. The positions of the energy levels cannot change and th... Read More »