How to Go on Hidden Levels in Pacman?

Answer Pacman gets boring when you have had everything mastered out, and have won every levels, and got a lot of scores. So now we should go on with a newer Challenge and that is to the hidden levels of P... Read More »

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How many levels are in'Alias'on Xbox?

"Alias" for the Xbox console has 11 levels. In the game, the levels are referred to as operations. The video game is based on the television show starring Jennifer Garner.References:IGN: Alias Walk... Read More »

How many levels are on Crash of the Titans on the PSP?

"Crash of the Titans" for the Sony PSP hand-held gaming device features 20 "episodes," which serve as levels in the game. The levels consist primarily of defending against waves of enemies and comp... Read More »

How many levels are in Paintball the game?

In "Paintball" the game, players have to make ramps and strategize in order to get their ball to a red square. Players have to beat 126 levels to win the game.Source:Bass10: Paintball the game

How many deck levels are on a battleship?

The number of levels and the layout will vary according to the class of battleship and age. Battleship North Carolina (North Carolina Class) has 15 total decks; five decks and platforms below the m... Read More »