How many letters can the iPhone 4 signature hold?

Answer 160 is what I heard and i have one sooo i think im right

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How do you put a signature on the iPhone 4S?

U can't. There is no way of doing it. Iphones don't allow you to do it. Answer The only way you can put a signature on an iPhone (any handset), is via the email settings, rather than the default se... Read More »

Can a iPhone 4 have a signature?

You can add a signature to your emails, via the iPhone 4. Go in to the email settings and you have the option to change from the "sent from my iPhone" to anything you want. This will hen be automat... Read More »

How can you set a signature on an iphone?

To go to setting then mail contacts and calendar and scroll down and enter a signature

How do you get a signature on iPhone 4?

For the iPod Touch 4: If the ipod touch's owner has the iphone owner's number, they can add it to 'contacts' and press 'facetime' and it should work. If the iphone owner has the ipod touch owner's ... Read More »