How many letters are there in Japanese writing?

Answer There are a total of 19 characters, called Kanji, in the Japanese alphabet. These letters form 99 sounds, which comprise the Hiragana chart. An alternate chart of sounds, the Katakana, is used main... Read More »

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How many letters are there in the Norwegian alphabet?

There are 29 letters in the Norwegian alphabet. This number includes the 26 letters used in the English alphabet, plus three others. The extra characters are Æ, Ø and .... The letters have differ... Read More »

Why there is so many Japanese incest videos?

Why are there so many Youtube chain letters begging you to copy and paste them?

It is a trends analysis firm doing a social media experiment. They're making a record of the amount of retards on youtube.

How many writing instruments companies are there?

Nearly 50 U.S. companies manufacture writing instruments that are sold in the United States and throughout the world.