How many letters are in a Scrabble game?

Answer Scrabble is a word game that allows players to score points by forming words with lettered tiles on a 15-by-15-square grid. Scrabble is played with a game board, 100 letter tiles, a letter bag and... Read More »

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How many Q's are in the game of Scrabble?

The board game Scrabble contains one tile with the letter "Q," which is worth 10 points; the only other letter worth 10 points is "Z." The game contains a total of 100 tiles.Source:Hasbro: Scrabble... Read More »

How many Scrabble pieces are in a game?

There are 100 letter tile pieces in Scrabble. The most common tile piece is the letter "E" with 12 in the game. The least common tile pieces are the letters "Z," "Q," "J," "K" and "X," with one ea... Read More »

How many tiles are in a standard Scrabble game?

The standard Scrabble board in the United States has 100 tiles. The number of tiles varies depending on the country; for example, the Italian and Portuguese versions of the game both have 120 game ... Read More »

How many pieces are in a Scrabble Junior game?

Hasbro's Scrabble Junior word game contains 101 letter tiles, 44 chips for scoring and a two-sided playing board. Scrabble Junior is designed for two to four players that are five and older. It has... Read More »