How many legs does a grand daddy long legged spider have?

Answer Grand daddy long legs spiders, also called daddy long legs, have eight legs. This type of spider, called Pholcus phalangioides, comes from the class Arachnida. Animals in this class all have eight ... Read More »

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Do daddy long legs have hair?

The name daddy long-legs is used to describe two kinds of arachnids. The most common is the harvestmen, which are not true spiders. They are of the order Opiliones. The cellar spiders of the ord... Read More »

Daddy long legs how!?

Is the daddy long legs of the USA a spider?

In the USA, the arthropods known as daddy long legs are commonly confused with spiders but they are not spiders. Daddy long legs belong to the order Opiliones. These tan to brown eight-legged creat... Read More »

Are daddy long legs spiders?

Daddy long legs are long-legged arachnids belonging to the order Opiliones. Also called harvestmen, they are distinguished from spiders by the absence of a division between the head and body. They ... Read More »