How can you tell if you have regular ants or carpenter ants?

Answer You'll know if they bite you they are carpenter ants.

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How many pairs of legs do crabs have?

Crabs have five pairs of legs, though the fifth pair is not used often. The front pair of legs contain claws, the next three pairs are used for walking and the fifth pair is used by females to clea... Read More »

How many legs does a cricket have?

Crickets have six legs total. They have four walking legs in the front and two hind legs that they use for jumping. The legs are attached to the middle part of the cricket's body, also called the t... Read More »

Hey Do you know how many legs do centipede have?

I'm pretty sure as the centipede grows and matures, it gets more legs as each little section grows...

How many legs does a hermit crab have?

Hermit crabs have five pairs of jointed legs, for a total of 10 legs. The two front legs have large claws (called pincers or chelipeds), while the back legs are small.Source:Pet Place: Choosing a H... Read More »