How many leaves are on a clover?

Answer The usual number is 3, but 4 and 5 can be found also.

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How many leaves are needed to make tea from malunggay leaves?

Harvest about two or three malunggay tea leaves. This should get you at least a 1/2 teaspoon when properly crushed, which is about how much you need for a cup of tea. It's all dependent upon taste,... Read More »

How many clover seeds are in an ounce?

White clover varieties such as Dutch and Ladino have 800,000 seeds per pound, which works out to 50,000 seeds in every ounce. Sweet clover has 260,000 seeds per pound or 16,250 seeds per ounce.Sour... Read More »

How many tons per acre does a red clover yield?

A research trial at Kansas State University yielded 2.83 tons of red clover per acre. Two tons per acre is typical among common varieties. One variety, Marathon, developed at the Wisconsin Agricult... Read More »

How Many Days Does Clover Take to Sprout?

Clover is a plant that can fix nitrogen in the soil, act as forage, form a ground cover to prevent erosion and is a natural part of pastureland. Some people sprout clover as a vegetable or edible. ... Read More »