How many layers of wallpaper can I put on a wall?

Answer In order to ensure good adhesion-and because removing multiple layer of wallpaper is time consuming-it is best to have only one layer of wallpaper on a wall at a time. It may be possible to add a s... Read More »

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How do you get crayon off a painted wall, without taking layers of paint off?

I’ve heard from some friends with kids that the Mr. Clean magic “eraser” sponge can do that. I’ve seen those at Wal-Mart

How do i get wallpaper glue off the wall?

Scrape off the GlueSpray commercial wallpaper stripper on wallpaper glue that has dried on the wall. Let the stripper sit for the time recommended by the manufacturer, or until the glue becomes sof... Read More »

Whats the best way to take off wallpaper on old wall?

Take a warm bucket of water, and use a sponge......Dip the sponge in the warm water, wring out most, not all of the water and ......(1)...If you can, try picking a piece of the wall paper off in th... Read More »

How do I remove old wallpaper paste from a wall?

Soak the WallApply an enzyme-based stripper to the wallpaper paste on the walls. Allow this product to soak into the paste according to the manufacturer's directions. Use a paint scraper to remove ... Read More »