How many layers does"Area 51"have?

Answer The Xbox game, "Area 51," has five extensive levels. As players work their way through the levels, they will open chutes and uncover new alien forms, but the entire game consists of five levels.Ref... Read More »

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How many layers does Earth's atmosphere have?

The atmosphere has five layers, distinguished from one another by density, temperature, chemicals and movement. Weather occurs in the lowest layer, the troposphere. The stratosphere, home of the oz... Read More »

How many layers does a blue ray disc have?

How many senses does a human have?

Humans have five senses, each of which corresponds to a specific organ. We use our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our nose to smell, our tongue to taste and our skin to sense touch.References:Natio... Read More »

Question for my novel does human skin have a fair amount of nutrients, minerals possibly make good fertilizer?

Skin is not a particularly outstanding fertilizer buy animal blood of all kinds, including human does make a significant difference in plant growth when applied to the soil.