How many layers does Earth's atmosphere have?

Answer The atmosphere has five layers, distinguished from one another by density, temperature, chemicals and movement. Weather occurs in the lowest layer, the troposphere. The stratosphere, home of the oz... Read More »

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How many layers does"Area 51"have?

The Xbox game, "Area 51," has five extensive levels. As players work their way through the levels, they will open chutes and uncover new alien forms, but the entire game consists of five levels.Ref... Read More »

How many layers does a blue ray disc have?

How many kilometers above the earth does the atmosphere extend?

The Earth's atmosphere is made up of a number of levels. The uppermost level is called the exosphere and extends to 10,000 kilometers above the Earth's surface, at which point the very thin air mer... Read More »

Does Neptune have a known atmosphere?

Neptune is a gas giant, meaning it's primarily made of gas, making Neptune a planet of mainly atmosphere. It has a core of silicate rock and ice surrounded by liquid that gives way to gas. Thick me... Read More »