How many layers does Earth's atmosphere have?

Answer The atmosphere has five layers, distinguished from one another by density, temperature, chemicals and movement. Weather occurs in the lowest layer, the troposphere. The stratosphere, home of the oz... Read More »

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How many baked beans would it take to cover earths surface?

ok i worked it out (rough estimate)radius of earth = 6378.l km (6,378,100 meters)surface area of earth = 4*pi*radius^2 = 5.109 *10^14 square meters2 beans = 1 square centimeterso, the number of bea... Read More »

Can everyone in the world eat paleo without destroying the earths natural resources?

The paleo diet is a fad, a backlash to the vegetarian trend. I don't expect it to last long.

How to Cut Layers in a Wig?

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How to Cut Emo Layers?

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