Child Protection Laws in America?

Answer The United States has a number of child protection laws to ensure the safety of children. These range from family law designed to protect children from abuse within the home to child labor laws tha... Read More »

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Laws Against Child Labor in Latin America?

The International Labour Organization, a United Nations agency, reports that while child labor has decreased in Latin America in recent years, there are still approximately 5.7 million children wor... Read More »

How many children are put up for adoption in America?

There is no statistical information collected on the number of children becoming available for adoption in the US. The number would include those in private adoption, kinship placements, children m... Read More »

How many air force plane America has?

How many boarding schools are in America?

There are approximately 200 boarding schools in the U.S., according to the Boarding School Directory. The vast majority of American boarding schools are co-ed; however, single-sex boarding schools ... Read More »