How many laptops are sold each year?

Answer Because stores sell so many laptops and are often reluctant to reveal sales figures, there is no exact answer to how many laptops are sold annually. According to market research firm IDC, manufactu... Read More »

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How many laptops are sold annually?

Laptop computers sell nearly 170 million units yearly, according to computer industry analysis firm eTForecasts. Laptops comprise more than half of all computers sold. By the mid-2010s, two-thirds ... Read More »

Where are dell laptops sold in UAE manufactured?

most laptops are made in china no matter where they are sold. Once you buy it, it will tell you on the sticker anyway.

How many cars are sold each year?

On average, 16 million to 17 million new cars, SUVs and trucks are sold each year in the United States. The economy and market dictate the exact number each

How many tires are sold each year?

Globally, the auto industry and its consumers use about 1.3 billion tires each year. Mechanics in the United States install 17.5 million of those tires annually. One billion discarded tires end up ... Read More »