How many natural lakes are in Texas?

Answer The only natural lake in Texas once was Caddo Lake. However, in the early 1900s an artificial dam was added for oil mining, leaving no lakes in Texas in their natural state, according to the Texas ... Read More »

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How many non man-made lakes are in South Carolina?

South Carolina does not have any lakes of significant size that are natural. The lakes in South Carolina were man-made for hydro-electric power, created by damming up segments of the Saluda, Savann... Read More »

How many lakes does Texas have?

Texas Parks and Wildlife publishes a list of 177 freshwater lakes in the state. "Texas Bass Fishing" and "Texas Sportsman Magazine" give a number of 6,736 reservoirs with a capacity of 10 acre-feet... Read More »

How many lakes are there in South Carolina?

South Carolina is home to twelve major lakes covering nearly 500,000 acres. Lake Marion, the largest of these, has a surface area of over 170 square miles. Other major South Carolina lakes include ... Read More »

Private Lakes in Texas?

Many people prefer private lakes over public lakes. The reasons for this may be because private lake owners stock more fish, or because the private lakes are less crowded. A private lake is any lak... Read More »