What languages are spoken in Switzerland?

Answer Most Swiss citizens are at least bi-lingual. Depending where you are they speak German, Italian, French or Romansh (apologies if that mis-spelt) . In addition most have a working knowledge of Engli... Read More »

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How many languages are spoken in east Africa?

There are two languages spoken in East Africa: English and Swahili. However, there are over 30 dialects and combinations of the two foundational languages. The dialects are grouped into three categ... Read More »

What languge is spoken by the most people in the world?

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by an estimated 874 million people as a first language. If you include people who speak it as a second language, there are approximately 1.05 billion Mandarin Chinese spe... Read More »

How many languages does"It's a Small World"go through?

"It's a Small World" is sung in five languages: English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish. Designed and constructed for the 1964 New York World's Fair, Disney's "It's a Small World" attracti... Read More »

How many words spoken at an average speed can be spoken in one minute?