How many knees does a giraffe have?

Answer Giraffes have two knees, both of which are located on their front legs. Their forelegs are about 10 percent longer than their rear legs, giving giraffes their characteristic gait and pace as they ... Read More »

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Does elephant garlic have more or less allicin?

Elephant garlic has much less allicin than regular garlic because it is more closely related to a leek than garlic, according to Gourmet Garlic Gardens. Elephant garlic does grow faster and stores ... Read More »

Did your children have particularly nasty growing pains behind the knees My son did not, but my daughter does?

Try capsaicin. They make a cream with it in it.Soaking in a tub with Epsom salts may help, too.Even chamomile tea might be beneficial.And, as a side note - go easy on the Motrin.Ibuprofen is harsh ... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference Between an Asian Elephant and an African Elephant?

An Asian elephantElephants are the largest land animals on Earth. There are two species: the Asian elephant and the African elephant. Here are ways to tell the difference between the two species if... Read More »

How many elephant seals are in Antarctica?

There are 700,000 elephant seals in Antarctica. The species of this region is known as the southern elephant seal. Males grow up to 20 feet, weighing up to 8,800 pounds; females grow to about half ... Read More »