How many kisses can you get away with when giving the kiss of life?

Answer The last one you can get away with will be the one you give right before you decide to use your tongue.

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Ex is winning custody but how he lies and gets away with it he only came into my 4 yr olds life last year when child support caught up to him and he has custody for now but reopen case how do i win?

Answer first ask your self why you dont have your kids what did you do wrong get your self stable, show that he is un fit prove it make every thing work in your favor dont put him down in front of ... Read More »

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, do you have it for life or can it go away?

It is usually for life unless it is during pregnancy or if someone is very obese and insulin resistant and and loses all the excess weight.Even then a person may well get diabetes later in life be... Read More »

If spmeone kisses u on the cheek or just kisses u could u get hiv?

Im giving away my computer?

Format and Repartition your hard drive.Install the operating system.Install the drivers.Install any software you want her to have.