How many kinds of stone are used for wall tiles?

Answer Stone wall tiles offer an easy way for today's homeowner to add the elegance of stone walls. While there are many kinds of stone used in making wall tiles, the five most popular are granite, limest... Read More »

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How many kinds of wall tiles are there?

When getting ready to redo your bathroom, think about what kind of materials you're going to use. Especially important is what goes onto your walls, because that is what people are going to notice ... Read More »

What stone was used to build the Great Wall of China?

While the Great Wall of China is made of multiple elements including wood, brick and stone, the stone most used to build the structure is granite. Stone was used for the foundation, inner and outer... Read More »

Can you put wallpaper over wall tiles or do the tiles have to be removed?

remove the tiles, which may mean you might have to plaster again to put new wallpaper on as the plaster might not be even after removing the tiles.wallpaper paste dosen't stick on slippery surfaces.

What if your wall is 313cm long by 115cm high how many sq feet is that for tiles?

in the real world it's 123.24 inches By 45.28 inches multipy those two then divid by 144 sq inches in a sq foot & you will get 38.75 more or less.