How many kilowatt hours is 1,500 watts?

Answer To convert watts to kilowatt hours you must have a specific amount of time. There are 1,000 watts in a kilowatt, so assuming that you use 1,500 watts over an hour, this would equate to 1.5 kilowatt... Read More »

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How to Convert Watts into Kilowatt Hours?

Watts are a measurement of how many joules of work can be done in one second and are commonly used to indicate how much power an electrical device uses. Kilowatt hours are a measurement of energy a... Read More »

You purchased a electric heating stove and you are trying to figure the amount of electric it would use It is 750 watts or 1500 watts 120V 60 Hz?

Watts are a unit of power, so you know how much power the unit will draw when it is "on." More details on that later.First, you are billed for electricity in kilowatt-hours (KWH). (Look at your lat... Read More »

What Are Kilowatt-Hours?

Most people have heard the term kilowatt-hour (kWh) in regards to their home energy bill. However, not everyone knows what it means. Similarly, they see watts (W) in terms of appliance power and li... Read More »

How many kilowatt hours are in a megawatt?

Used as a standard unit of measure by an electric company, a megawatt is equal to one thousand kilowatts or one million watts of electrical capacity produced by the companies' generators.Source:Ren... Read More »