How many kilos is 11 stone 11 pounds?

Answer 11 stone 11 pounds = 74.84 kilograms.

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Are you underweight if you're 12 and you weigh 32 kilos?

Answer You are at the lower end of the normal weight range for a 12 year old. It partly depends how tall you are, are you shorter than your friends? Are you small framed, have small feet and hand... Read More »

Is a 14-year-old boy who weighs 83 kilos overweight?

Yes, it is a little overweight. Perhaps it would help if the appetite is subdued in order to stop the weight from gaining. To suppress the appetite, choose a green tea extract with African mango ex... Read More »

How many kilos of luggage are allowed with Air France?

Individual pieces of checked baggage cannot weigh more than 32 kg, according to information provided by Air France. When traveling between Europe and the U.S. or Canada, a bag weighing up to 23 kg ... Read More »

Is losing 7 kilos of fat and doing dry land workout everyday for 1 month will help me swim alot faster ?

yes of course,your getting stronger and more fit!

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