What can you do if you're 17 and pregnant and have graduated high school and have lived with your boyfriend for a year and you want to get married but your mom won't sign the papers?

Answer Answerin this case there is nothing that you can do other than waiting till your 18 and you can do it on your own. AnswerRun away to some other country maybe, or just wait it out. (That's what I'm... Read More »

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Can you say you graduated high school with a ged?

The General Education Development (GED) certificate is considered the equivalent of a high school diploma. However, earning a GED and graduating high school with a diploma are not the same thing. Y... Read More »

How can I find someone I graduated from high school with?

As the years fly by, you wonder how old pals have weathered life's challenges---if they have fared as well as you have, or better. "Keeping in touch" becomes more and more difficult as former class... Read More »

I just graduated High school 2 days ago. What now?

OK you have your to-do listACTFinancial AidDLthen consider a car now all you have to to is start knocking things off your list and get ready for college.

How many kids graduate high school each year in the U.S.?

In 2009, 2.9 million U.S. residents ages 16 to 24 graduated high school. Of the 2.9 million graduates, about 70 percent enrolled in a college or university.References:Bureau of Labor Statistics: Co... Read More »