How many kids get abused every day in America?

Answer many many people get abused no body knows for sure because more and more kids get abused and we need to do things to stop it

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What are some ways that kids who are abused are abused?

Why are kids abused?

Answer Kids are abused because people want to have power over somebody. They don't care how. kids get abused because like the one before they feel they need the power and because the may be involve... Read More »

How many kids get abused in the the US?

over 30,000 reports of child abuse and neglect a year. And also Child protective service agencies nation-wide received almost 2 million reports of alleged child abuse and neglect. Three million chi... Read More »

What help is put out there for abused kids?

for starters... if a parent says its okay for a minor to have a tattoo and signs a consent form it doesn't matter. check with good local tattoo parlors that have a record for good business.