How many kids don't report being abused?

Answer A lot usually most because they are so scared that they wont tell a soul and hide the evidence

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Im 16 and ive been sexually abused you dont talk to your mom but you dont want to let them go?

I been there first things first is you need to tell if not your mom then a teacher it will be hard but in the end you will be better and get the help you need I know you think the whole school and ... Read More »

What are some ways that kids who are abused are abused?

What should you do if your 16-year-old girlfriend is being physically abused by her dad and it's getting much worse but she doesn't want you to report him?

Answer Talk to a counselor at school but do it confidentially. Let the teacher know that you don't want your name to be used. It needs to be reported. Answer If you really give a concern about her ... Read More »

What help is put out there for abused kids?

for starters... if a parent says its okay for a minor to have a tattoo and signs a consent form it doesn't matter. check with good local tattoo parlors that have a record for good business.