What religion are the Duggar family of the reality-TV show '19 Kids and Counting'?

Answer They are Independent Baptists. They watch TV but not a lot, and they do have a computer. I know this because they have said so themselves. I do not know for sure if they are Quiverfull, the reason,... Read More »

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How many kids does the Simpsons family have?

Since the show’s launch in 1989, the Simpsons have always had three children. The oldest child is their son Bart, the middle child is daughter Lisa and their youngest is Maggie.References:The Sim... Read More »

How to Be Like the Duggar Family?

You remember that family on TLC that everyone hates so much. If you admire their way of living as much as some people do, you won't click off this page.

How do you feel about the Duggar family having another baby?

They are going to wind up with at leat 20-22 kids before she goes through menopause. It really is crazy that it is just kids raising kids in that house. The mom just gets pregnant and pops them o... Read More »

If you had as many kids as there are names on your favorites list, just how many kids would you have?

I'd have 14 children, 9 girls and 5 boys :)Girls:1. Rosalie Katherine2. Caroline Ruby3. Juliana Eve4. Elisabeth Lucille5. Esmé Charlotte6. Lila Juliet7. Violet Matilda8. Grace Madeleine9. Lillian ... Read More »