On the TV show Psych what 1980's TV star plays Shawn's father?

Answer Corbin Bernsen

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Name 5 kids using these names Star for More!! :D?

Anna Grace Echo Taylor Iris Rose Audrey Paige Emily Noelle Evangeline Ruthie William Moses Ian Chase Jasper Adam Isaiah Michael Peter Paul

What will YOUR kids names be Star for more!!!!?

- Nolan Walker :) - Lena Arielle (gray eyes.)- Ryan Scott (volleyball :D)- Meghan Elisa (Meghan's my sister's & my best friend's name!)Nolan, Lena, Ryan & Meghan

What happened to the program 'My Kids A Star?

The question was asked during season 7 and season 8 is just beginning now so the question timespan is past

Sun, Moon and Star Activities for Kids?

When teaching your class about astronomy, you can create a few activities to help your students learn about the sun, moon and stars. Activities about the sun, moon and stars can give the students a... Read More »