How many kids did Sam Walton have?

Answer Sam Walton had three sons and one daughter. S. Robson (Rob) came first, followed by John and Jim. Alice is the youngest of Walton's children and the only girl. John Walton died in a plane crash in ... Read More »

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When did Samuel Robson Walton ASSASSINATE the dream and vision of Mr. Sam and Bud Walton?

They own the company because they are the majority stockholders. As the majority stockholders, they elect the board, which appoints the officers. If you really want to get them out of control, here... Read More »

If you had as many kids as there are names on your favorites list, just how many kids would you have?

I'd have 14 children, 9 girls and 5 boys :)Girls:1. Rosalie Katherine2. Caroline Ruby3. Juliana Eve4. Elisabeth Lucille5. Esmé Charlotte6. Lila Juliet7. Violet Matilda8. Grace Madeleine9. Lillian ... Read More »

Does Troy University in Fort Walton Beach have a marine biology program?

Troy University's Fort Walton Beach campus does not offer a degree program in marine biology, but the school's main campus in Troy, Ala., does. Students do key course work on campus and spend summe... Read More »

How many kids do I have to have to claim enough benefits to be able to stop work?

Looks as if you've been asleep since the mid-1990s, Dearie. The old "Welfare Gravy Train" ran off the rails back during the Clinton administration. The current Temporary Aid for Needy Families no... Read More »