How many kids were in the partridge family?

Answer Five. Keith, Danny, Chris, Laurie, & Tracy.

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How many kids does the Simpsons family have?

Since the show’s launch in 1989, the Simpsons have always had three children. The oldest child is their son Bart, the middle child is daughter Lisa and their youngest is Maggie.References:The Sim... Read More »

If you had as many kids as there are names on your favorites list, just how many kids would you have?

I'd have 14 children, 9 girls and 5 boys :)Girls:1. Rosalie Katherine2. Caroline Ruby3. Juliana Eve4. Elisabeth Lucille5. Esmé Charlotte6. Lila Juliet7. Violet Matilda8. Grace Madeleine9. Lillian ... Read More »

What is the worlds largest family reunion?

If you wish to do so and it is not taking place in a Kingdom Hall (official meeting place of Jehovah's Witnesses) then I would think it would be ok.

What family owns the world's largest diamond industry?

The family who owns the world's largest diamond industry is the De Beers family and their associated investors, stock holders, and affiliate companies. De Beers operates in more than 20 countries o... Read More »