How many rupees are equal to one pound?

Answer The pound (GBP) is the standard unit of currency of the United Kingdom, while the rupee (INR) is the standard unit of currency of India. Conversion rates between currencies fluctuate throughout the... Read More »

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How many baseballs equal a pound?

A baseball weighs about 5 ounces, according to the official rules of Major League Baseball. There are 16 ounces in a pound, so three baseballs are 1 ounce shy of a pound.Source:Major League Basebal... Read More »

How many cans of aluminum equal a pound?

There are 34.21 aluminum cans in one pound. When recycling cans for money, it is said you should estimate a trade rate on one to two cents per can. However, some recycling centers pay higher for la... Read More »

How many plastic bottles equal one pound?

A plastic wine bottle weighs 54 grams, a 1-liter plastic soda bottle weighs 34 grams, and a 2-liter plastic bottle weighs 48 grams. One pound is approximately 454 grams, so it takes approximately 8... Read More »

How many empty 12-oz. aluminum cans equal a pound?

According to the Can Manufacturers Institute, it takes 34.21 aluminum cans to make a pound. Cans used to be heavier: In 1971, a pound of aluminum made 21.75 cans. Improvements in the technology use... Read More »