How many keys does a clarinet have?

Answer Clarinets have been around for centuries. Clarinet keys were added to produce more high or low tones. Rings were added to specific clarinet keys to control the clarinet tones and to control cross f... Read More »

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How many keys does the clarinet have?

The clarinet has 17 keys and nine tone holes. It requires nine fingers to press all of them simultaneously, which would result in the lowest note the instrument can resonate, a much deeper resonanc... Read More »

How many keys are on a clarinet?

The number of keys located on a clarinet depends on the date in which it was made and what type of clarinet it is. The most common clarinet, the b-flat clarinet, has 13 keys and seven finger holes... Read More »

How many keys does the modern flute have?

The modern flute is a long, cylindrical woodwind instrument that is about 26 inches long and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. It has 16 openings: one hole for the thumb, eleven holes for seve... Read More »

What does a Chinese keyboard look like and how many keys does it have?

A Chinese keyboard? That is such an interesting question!There's no such thing as a Chinese keyboard. It's excatly the same as the one you're using. Yes we have countless characters but we have thi... Read More »