Does everyone in australia ride kangaroos?

Answer 1. Yes they all ride Kangaroos. This is why all the signs measure distance in K. K stands for kangaroo hops. Red Kangaroos are speed limited on the highways though. They're only for the heavies... Read More »

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Rumors exist about many countries and places, but is Australia as racist as many claim?

I, too, am sick to death of this question and I find it very insulting as obviously others do. I am also sick of this country bending over backwards to accommodate all the little foibles of minorit... Read More »

Red Kangaroos Diet?

Red kangaroos, or Macrofus rufus, are native to central Australia. They live in the deserts, scrublands and grasslands. The male red kangaroo has a red/brown coat while the female's fur has a blue ... Read More »

What & How Kangaroos Eat?

Kangaroo are marsupials belonging to the family Macropodidae that are indigenous to Australia. They are herbivores and have been known to destroy crops and be a nuisance animal to farms, consuming ... Read More »

How many children are up for adoption in Australia?

According to Children By Choice, the number of children available for adoption in Australia and being adopted in Australia has drastically decreased in the past 30 years. In 2005-2006, the total ad... Read More »