How many joints are in the human hand?

Answer The human hand has 15 joints, including the wrist. Each finger has three joints (the knuckle where it joins the hand, and two knuckles in the finger) and the thumb has two.References:Brown Universi... Read More »

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How many joints are in the human skeleton?

There are 360 joints in the human skeleton. They fall into six categories. Joints are categorized as ball and socket joints, condyloid joints, gliding joints, hinge joints, pivot joints and saddle ... Read More »

How many cells are in a human body?

There is no consensus among scientists and researchers on the estimated amount of cells in a human body. Some sources estimate that the average adult human is composed of 10 trillion cells, while ... Read More »

How many parts are in the human body?

The human body has eleven systems, according to the book "Principles of Human Anatomy, 9th Ed.," by Gerard Tortora. These consist of the integumentary (skin), skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, ly... Read More »

How many zygomatic bones are in the human body?

There are two zygomatic bones in the human body--one beneath and to the side of each eye. They form the bottom and side wall of the orbital orifice, and are also portions of the temporal and infrat... Read More »