Are the Jews really disliked and hated on a global scale, even today?

Answer only pathetic losersthose who are envious of the achievements Jews made through the centuries of prosecutions, murders, aggression.

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What company created the ovens used to kill the Jews in World War 2?

Today s Date is 666 will the world end Today?

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!Nothing is going to happen! We've survived 06/06/06 before! 1906, 1806, 1706, etc!Think about the people living in 06/06/1666 or 06/06/666.We're fine, stop worrying.

Why are jews called jews?

Those who practice the faith of Judaism are often referred to as Jews, which is a plural noun. As an adjective, these same people are called Jewish. The "Ju" or "Jew" part of the words comes from t... Read More »

Use of photography in today's world?

Advertising: documentation: one part of the world with another... Read More »