How many Christians are there in the world today?

Answer About 32 percent of people in the world, or 2.1 billion individuals, describe themselves as Christians. Some Christians believe that only those who are 'born again' can claim to be Christians, whic... Read More »

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How many pandas are left in the world today?

According to the World Wildlife Fund, less than 2,500 giant pandas exist in the wild as of April 2010. Their natural habitat ranges from southwestern China to the east of the Tibetan plateau. The C... Read More »

How many gorillas are left in the world today?

Scientists estimate that only 50,000 western lowland gorillas remain in the African wilderness, while mountain gorillas near extinction at a population of 600. About 2,500 eastern lowland gorillas ... Read More »

How many jaguars are left in the world today?

Jaguars are an endangered species. An estimated 8,000 to 16,000 jaguars remain in the wild, populating a region extending from southern Arizona to northern Argentina, while fewer than 500 live in z... Read More »

Are the Jews really disliked and hated on a global scale, even today?

only pathetic losersthose who are envious of the achievements Jews made through the centuries of prosecutions, murders, aggression.