How many jars of Vegemite can I bring into Cambodia?

Answer Cambodia has no import restrictions on food, so you may bring as much Vegemite with you as you can carry. Cambodia does forbid importing perishable (refrigerated) foods, as well as the import of ic... Read More »

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Can I bring Vegemite into Cambodia from Australia?

Not only is it permissible to bring Vegemite into Cambodia from Australia, but some Cambodian charitable groups recommend doing so, since Vegemite may not be available in remote areas of the countr... Read More »

How many bottles of wine can I bring into the USA?

U.S. Customs allows travelers to the United States to bring up to one liter of wine (the same amount for beer and liquor) into the country free of duty tax. Any amount more than that will be taxed ... Read More »

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When did glass jars first come into use in Canada?

Mallorytown Glass Works was the first glass making company in Canada but it operated only for one year, from 1839 to 1840, as the raw material and labor used for glass making was very expensive tho... Read More »