How many isotopes does neodymium have?

Answer Neodymium, an element in the lanthanide series, has seven naturally occurring isotopes. The natural element is composed of a mix of stable isotopes with mass numbers from Nd-142 to Nd-150. Accordin... Read More »

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How many isotopes of hydrogen are known?

There are three hydrogen isotopes. The most common isotope has no neutrons in the nucleus. Other isotopes--deuterium and tritium--contain one (deuterium) and two (tritium) neutrons within the atom.... Read More »

How many electrons are in a neodymium atom?

In the neutral state, atoms of the element neodymium, or Nd, have 60 electrons surrounding the nucleus. Neutrally charged atoms have an equal number of electrons and protons. Charged atoms, termed ... Read More »

How well does neodymium conduct electricity?

Neodymium exhibits a conductivity of 1.6 MegaSiemens per meter (MS/m). Conductivity reflects the ability of a material to carry an electric charge. For purposes of comparison, copper and iron exhib... Read More »

What does a neodymium magnet do in head phones?

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