How many iron supplements are too much?

Answer On One Hand: Men and Post Menopausal WomenAdult men and post menopausal women have little to no risk for an iron deficiency. These two groups typically get plenty of iron from their diet. The body ... Read More »

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How much iron supplements are safe?

On One Hand: Intake Limits Are Well-EstablishedResearchers have determined maximum daily intake levels---known as tolerable upper intake levels (ULs)---for iron supplementation, according to the Na... Read More »

Iron Supplements for an Anemic Dog?

Canine anemia usually occurs when a dog has lost too much blood. Severe flea infestations and bleeding ulcers are common causes of anemia, which is a condition characterized by the red blood cells'... Read More »

Types of Iron Supplements?

If you feel fatigued each day despite getting a solid eight hours of sleep the previous night, you may need more iron. The Required Daily Allowance for this mineral is just 18 mg, but low levels ca... Read More »

Can iron supplements make you sick?

Iron supplements, used to treat medical conditions such as anemia, may cause undesired side effects. Some common side effects from the medication include gastrointestinal distress such as diarrhea,... Read More »